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I am having problems sending email from Outlook, Express or Hosting UK's webmail

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This can be due to:

Incorrect username and password. Please ensure that you enter your full email address and password. 
The username exists.

Your account details are correct.

Incorrect smtp address in your email program. Depending on which server your mail is hosted on depends on the smtp address you are using. This information is given in your original signup email. If you are unsure of which server please contact support.

  • Please make sure that smtp requires authentication is enabled. 
    In Outlook Express this can be found in tools/accounts/mail/properties/servers and is the option at the very bottom of the window ('Outgoing mail server', 'my server requires authentication') Then select 'settings' and tick 'use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  • In Outlook this can be found in tools/email accounts/view or change../change/more settings/outgoing server. Also make sure that 'use same settings as my incoming mail server is ticked.
  • If you receive errors in the following format:
    Check firewall settings and allow access for designated mail program.
  • Disable outgoing mail scanning in your antivirus software.
  • Try a reboot of the pc.

If you receive a bounced email message, please ensure that the recipient's address is spelt correctly and is an existing email address. This could also be due to the domain not being active. This can be due to the domain being within 48 hours of registration or on hold. 

To check the status of your email account you can log into the relevant webmail site and login using your email details. Our webmail sites are at:

If you are unsure of which server o use please contact support and we can advise you.

If you are able to send and receive from your webmail successfully there is most probably a problem with the email software. Please check all local settings and any firewall settings. In the event of problems logging into our webmail, please ensure that your firewall or router has access to port 9998. Please ensure any pop blocking software is turned off.

If you are unable to send mail via our servers and receive your mails bounced back to you.

The error may be "550, not allowed, not local host, not a gateway" or similar it may be for the following reason.

Our mail servers are configured to require authentication when you both send and receive.

You'll need to turn on the option to require outbound authentication in your mail program to get around this.

For questions regarding your email account please contact our support team to verify your details.

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