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Configuring Journaling for the Mail Archiving Service on hosted Exchange

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This article will go through setting up Journaling, which is required for the Mail archiving add-on for Hosting UKs Hosted Exchange service.

If you don't already have an Organization Manager, you can create one through the control panel at

Creating an Organization Manager

If you already have one, you can skip this step.

1. Log in to the control panel at

2. Go to Services > My Services
a877b37d513461f04c1488e237a07a8e3695c17f?t=aa9204844670b1592e4c7e66289648c1 3. Click on the Active button next to your Hosted Exchange Plan
c257aa250e2076eba0ee52391e714f1a48ebcb23?t=f3f350718bed2c2bf4a0d5039ba7a68f 4. Click on Mailboxes
9ce06e997a6fb3997a1f444613239e0e11ffc3fd?t=64bffb2c0edcc8c592b63730a099be43 Warning! The account you set as the Organization Manager will have permissions for other mailboxes as well. We do not recommend applying this permission to a user which is shared among multiple peopl.

5. Find the account you wish to give Organization access too and click Promote to manager

6. Once promoted, the account should then update and show this in your control panel.

Configuring Journaling

Login to with your organization manager account.

Go to Options and See All options
Change the drop down from Myself to My Organization
From here go to Mail Control > Journaling  > New
When Creating the Rule set:
If the message is sent to or from... = Apply to all messages
Journal the following messages.. = All Messages
Send journal reports to: = *Your journaling email which should have been sent to you. If not, contact support*
Name of rule: = You can leave this as default or give it an appropriate name

Click Save at the bottom of the page and all outbound emails should now be saved to your archive.

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