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Advanced Mailfilter - Using the Filter service

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This Article will take you through using the Filter. checking inbound Logs, adjust spam settings, whitelist and blacklist senders and view your spam quarantine.

Accessing your Spam filter

For users on Exchange you should find your spam filter service listed in your control panel as it own Service

In your cPanel account you will find the access option under the Email section in your cPanel server

In your Plesk Panel, this is found in the Right side of your panel among a list of other services:

Managing your Quarantine

Your Quarantine folder acts as the Spam folder. Any emails that are caught as "Spam" go here rather than being delivered to your mail account.

This is cleared automatically so emails will only remain in here for a few weeks

The Spam Quarantine can be found under the Incoming Window in your spam filter:

When your first open this, this will list all emails with the status of Quarantined

Searching your Quarantine

If you are searching for a specific email you believe has been filtered, you can click + New Rule to filter more specifically than just quarantined mail.

You can also search on Subject, Time, the recipient or a Specific date


The Above example will Search my Quarantined emails for any messages FROM "myemail@myemail.test"

Managing mails caught in the filter
As mentioned earlier, emails should only remain in here for a couple of weeks, but lets' say you have a message you wish to delete now, or if you have a legitimate sender flagged and wish to send the mail .

If you click on the Arrow next to the email, you will see a list of options:

There are a few options here but let's focus on the main ones you'll likely use:
Remove from Quarantine - This will Delete the emails from the quarantine
Release from Quarantine - This will Deliver the emails caught in the filter
Release and train from Quarantine - This will Deliver the emails caught in the filter & Train your spam filter not to catch messages like these.

Whitelist Sender - Will whitelist emails from this sender meaning you will always accept messages from this
BlackList Sender  - Will Blacklist emails from this sender meaning you will always mark as Soam from this (Will still go to quarantine).

Managing Blacklists and Whitelists

As well as whitelisting and Blacklisting email from the Logs and Quarantine, you can simply go straight to the Blacklist/Whitelist Section.

Under your Incoming - Protection Settings section, you will see a Sender Whitelist and a Sender Blacklist
Both pages are very similar, so in my examples, I will be using the whitelist page.

Click on Add Whitelist sender

In the box that pops up, simply add in the email address of the person sending to you in the Address field and click save

You can manage any rules you create by clicking Show Results to display all rules and the clicking drown down icon on the rule if you ever need to remove it:

Viewing Logs

If you wish to see emails coming into your account to confirm if they are being delivered, you can use the Logs search feature to view all inbound emails on your domain.

This is exactly the same level of logging our Support sees, so you may find some information helpful, some not so much.


The logs search is very similar to the quarantine search.

By Default the page will load with a single rule of emails for the past 1 week. To see all emails for the last week, simply click "Show Results"

Finding a Specific Email

Click on + New Rule to add a new filter for your logs, this will help narrow down your results to find the specific email you're looking for

By most accounts "From" and "Subject" should help narrow it down. However for any devs, you can also search by sending IP (among many other things) if you're having issues troubleshooting a mail script.

Getting more information from Logs

If you wish to get some more information about the specific Examples for troubleshooting purposes, you can Customize the results page to give you specific information (this also works under Quarantine search):

The most useful of these will be:
Time Stamp -  The time in which we received the mail.
Sender - The email address the message came from

Main Class - Basically Spam or Not spam
Sub Class - If spam, why was it marked as spam (handy if you're having issues with a sender)

To - The address the message was sent to
Subject - The subject of the message

Status - If the message was delivered, still Qeueud or Failed/Bounced

Delivery IP / Delivery Hostname - The Server Hostname or Server IP it was sent to.

Anything else?

If you have any further questions about this, please feel to contact support via a support ticket or calling us on 01745586070 Mon-Friday 9am to 5:30 (5pm on Fridays)

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