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Adding an IMAP Account to your Android device

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To Add an IMAP account to your Android Device

1. Open up your App menu on your device and find Settings


2. Scroll down your settings and tap on Accounts

3. Tap on Add Account

4. Tap Personal (IMAP) from the account list

5. Enter in your Email address and then click Manual Setup

6. If Prompted again, select the Account type as Personal (IMAP)


7. Enter in your password for your mail account and tap Next

8. Check your email address and password appear ok and then enter in your Server Address and tap Next
If you are Prompted for additional settings, here are the suggested Settings
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: 993

9. Perform the same check for the Outgoing Settings and tap Next

If you are Prompted for additional settings, here are the suggested Settings
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: 465

10. Your device will ask you some additional options such as
Sync Frequency: How often you want your device to check for messages
Notify me when emails arrive: Tick if you would like your phone to alert you to new emails.
Sync Email for this account: If you would like this device so sync mail.
Automatically Download Attachments when connected to Wifi: Untick if you wish to download attachments to your device manually each time.

11. Give your account a Name (device only) and set Your name how you want it to appear on the email.


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