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RESOLVED - Issue Affecting HUKWIN003 server
Posted by Jonathan Hughes on 28 July 2015 09:29 AM

Engineers are investigating an issue with the HUKWIN003 / server.

This is effecting a small number of the MSDev subscriptions only.

This is presenting as a software level issue, as opposed to hardware fault.

Some sites may be intermittent at present while this issue is investigated.

Please accept our apologies for any difficulties caused.


Update: 1244

Engineers have stabilised the system and websites are working correctly.  Engineers are continuing to monitor the system before confirming the issue as resolved.

Update: 1349

Further issues have been identified which engineers are continuing to work on

Update: 1523

Server is now delivering content and is stabilised. Root cause is still being investigated.

Update: 1700

Engineers are continuing to look into the root cause of the problem, the server has been stabilised.

Some sites are working normally while others are not.

Reminder - This affects MSDEV customers only.

Update: 09:12 29/07/2015

The issue is now considered resolved.

The issue was caused by an authentication issue affecting the users that run individual websites.  Websites were unable to obtain a valid log in session when loading, causing the websites to hang.  Further outages occurred during the process to resolve the issue.

We appreciated your patience during this outage and we apologise for any disruption caused.

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[COMPLETED] Loss of protection advisory.
Posted by Anthony Hogbin on 22 July 2015 01:43 PM

Tomorrow, Thursday 23rd July, we will be undertaking preventative engineering works involving power.

This will not directly impact service delivery.

These works will result in a loss of protection at the St. Asaph / DC08 site as this site can operate for a prolonged period from battery.

During these works the generator will be load tested, and serviced.

We will update you on completion.


Thursday 1600hrs

Service, works, and load bank test completed earlier today.

During this period we operated in a partial loss of protection state.

The engineers have left the cite, and this advisory is now considered closed.

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RESOLVED - Plesk54 Control Panel Upgrade
Posted by Jonathan Hughes on 09 July 2015 11:26 PM

Our Plesk54 server is currently receiving a control panel upgrade.  During this time there may be some interruption to website services, though these should be brief.


We will update here once this is complete.


Update 09:10 10/07/2015  - The panel has been upgraded.  Should you encounter any issues, please contact our technical support team via or 01745 586 070


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