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Whitelisting Addresses in cPanel

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This Knowledgebase article will guide you through whitelisting a sender in cPanel. 

A lot of our servers do use our Advanced Spamfiltering service, however if you are running a dedicated server or point the domain directly to the server for mail delivery, this is how you whitelist.

First Login to your cPanel Account. 
You can do this through your domain ( if you have the cpanel details 
You can login through and use the Login to cPanel button under your service.

Once you are logged into the control panel, find the Mail section and click on Spam Filters 
Expand on the "Show additional configurations":
Click on "Edit Spam Whitelist Settings"
8418b060cafc64df74e315f0d8f1aded0a858f0b?t=7131f696b7006641662a5ec71d63d897 Click on the Add button to add in a email or Domain.
c2202fc076ae7345d1fa1c98cd3b1b91535a1519?t=6d0e26fca63e7d403ae481ef02c4af41 Add in your specific email OR an entire domain if you wanted to whitelist everyone from a domain:
6de6278c92f8c88d61d21f73147f432156d8d897?t=d261c28926df35dd28bfcfbd53309d27 When you have finished adding in your whitelisted addresses, click on the "Update Whitelist" button

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