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Updating domain name contact information.

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It is important and is a condition of your agreement with the relevant domain name registry when registering a domain name that the information you provide when registering a domain name is accurate and correct.

Nominet in the UK and ICANN accredited registries are going through a data cleansing exercise where they attempt to contact the registrant of a domain and validate the details. If the details are incorrect / incomplete and they are unable to contact you using the details they hold to validate the information they will suspend the domain, pending your update of the information. Other registries worldwide are also doing the same.

The details both they and we hold are not always the same thing. Updating your contact information with us does not automatically update the registrant data at the registry for a domain. A separate process exists for this and is detailed below.

Note: The registries are in the same position as we are and rely on customers supplying them with accurate and complete information and then updating that information if details change.

To update the contact details on a non .uk domain name in the Parallels control panel

1. Go to and log in with your user name (email address) and password
(If you don't know your password, click 'Forgot your password?' and next enter your E-mail address. An authorisation code will be emailed to you so you can reset your password)
2. Click the 'All My Domains' tab
3. Select a domain you wish to update by clicking on it
4. On the page that appears click the 'Contacts' tab
5. If the information displayed is incorrect in any way click the 'edit' button
6. Click 'Create copy' or 'Create new' and enter the correct and complete contact information. Note you cannot change the registrant name.
7. Click save to change the information.

Updating Nominet domain contact details directly at Nominet

To update the contact details on a .uk domain name you can either do so directly on the Nominet web site at 

Updating your contact details for domains held on other control panels and for other domain types.

We can update the contact details for you.  (Note - this is not the same as changing the owner.)

Contact us to amend the details providing full and accurate contact details including telehone number and email.  We may need to further verify your indentity when you do this.

This is a manual process which can be time consuming particularly if you have a number of domains to update. Generally there is no charge, however if there are a large number of domains we may have to make a small charge for this to cover the administrative time involved.

We will advise further when you contact us.

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