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Domain Name Facts - Avoid Being Scammed

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  • International & UK domains are registered instantly - no other company is informed of the registration and no-one can intervene with the registration process
  • International (.com .net .org) domains can be registered for 1 - 10 years, whereas UK ( domains are registered and renewed at 2 year intervals - it is not possible to register a UK domain for anything more or less than 2 years
  • Domain names can be registered cheaply, quickly and easily online, you do not necessarily need an agent to register for you
  • Companies that sell domain names by telesales are almost always scammers
  • A registration company is not obliged to check trademarks and company names before agreeing to register any domain - this is the registrant's responsibility
  • Owning a trademark or company name does not automatically entitle you to the matching domain names
  • It is not possible to "earmark" or reserve a domain name
  • DON'T send money to companies you have never heard from before without first checking them out
  • No genuine company would take an order and credit card details from a prospective customer for some domain names and then ring around the competition to see if they want to buy them first
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