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Managing Your VPS Firewall (Border)

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By default all ports are open on the VPS Border Firewall. However you may wish to Lock down ports or the entire server down to some IPs.

Getting to the Firewall

1. Login to your control panel at
2. Go to Services > My Services
3. Click on the Active button next to your VPS.
4. Scroll down the page where you should see a selection of buttons. Click on Firewall Management

Default Rules


The default rule is simply whether you want everything allowed or everything Blocked.

By default, everything will be allowed through. You can create rules to block access to certain ports.

If you prefer, you can set this to Block everything by default meaning you will have to create rules for Specific ports or IPs that can connect.

If you do Make a Change, click the Save Default Firewall Rules button and then Apply Firewall Rules.

Firewall Rules

The Firewall Is split into different sections.
Interface: This will default to Eth0 (chances are you will only have one)
Command: Whether this rule is to Accept or Drop a Connection
Source: Where you can set a set a source IP that's making the connection (if any)
Destination Port: The port on your server this firewall should either allow or deny (if any). You can specif a port range using ":" (i.e 300:400)
Protocol: Where you can select TCP/UDP/ICMP (if you're not sure, TCP is the most likely)

Enter in your desired details for your firewall and click the Add Rule button
46669a0cb2a163217977e79008bf5826583f87fa?t=d3a999c06979f8bf82ef0742373df982 Your Firewall can contain A Source address, Destination port or both.


Example of Allowing access for port 80 (http) from any IP:
58133f22f7ee8b6fd2c8bc18a760089755920055?t=3d2343054e0f864178d57d0da39932a6 Here is an example of an Allow on any port for a specific IP:
95d3bfb3a8ce5475fa86ac4acdad4288e23d5673?t=b8ee799a7253140e548cd1e98e47b89b Here is an example of a Block on Port 22 (SSH):
79870d53aa0a9c999219be8be7c4cd6f8820af41?t=da0f1b2dcb9ea74cf3aac06252702bbe Here is an example of Allowing a Port Range:

Firewall Order / Editing

The Firewall works logically Top rule > Bottom rule. You should take care and make sure any Drops you put in are below any Allows otherwise the Drop will take priority.

You can use the Arrow keys to move the order of the Ports:
You can also use the "X" Icon to Delete a Rule Or the Pencil Icon to Edit a Rule

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