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Installing your SSL (Ms Dev / SolidCP)

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These instructions are for use with the MS Dev / SolidCP control panel at

To install your SSL you will need to raise a CSR, submit the CSR, validate the certificate and then install it.

To raise the Certificate request (CSR):
+ Login to your panel at
+ Go to 'Websites' and click on your website
+ Click on the 'SSL' tab where you should have button to 'Generate a new CSR'.
+ Fill in the details for your new CSR.

To Submit your CSR:
+ Login to the General control panel at
+ Go to 'Services' > 'My Services' > RapidSSL Certificate.
+ Click the 'Generate Cert now' button which should prompt you for the CSR.
+ Your Server is 'Microsoft IIS 5.x or later'

To validate your certificate, you can either choose a pre-defined email address, validation file (you upload to your site) or a TXT record. Details of each can be found on the page where you will choose.

Once the SSL has been validated and issued you can download the SSL through the General Control panel ( under the RapidSSL Certificate service.

You will download a zip file which you can extract the files from. Open the certificate file in notepad and copy and paste the text into your MS Dev Control panel (where you raised the CSR) in the certificate box and save the changes.

Once the SSL has been installed you can check the installation details online at

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