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How To: Export a .PST backup file from Outlook

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In order to create a backup of your mailbox using your Outlook software, please follow the below steps.


Step 1
Open your Outlook software, once it’s open, find and open the “File” menu. This will take you to the “Account Information” screen. 


Step 2
In the “Account Information” menu, find the “Open and Export” menu on the left-hand options.  


Step 3
In order to start creating the backup select “Import/Export”. This will open the next window, the Import/Export Wizard.

Step 4
In this next set of options, select “Export to a File”, then click the next button.  


Step 5
Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” as the file type, then click on the next button.

Step 6
The next screen will allow you to decide what specific folders you want to make a backup of. In order to make a complete backup of the entire mailbox, highlight the email address itself at the top, then click on the next button. 

Step 7
Choose the location you would like your backup to be saved on your local computer and the name of the file.
We recommend that you select a location on your computer that is easy for you to find and a name that you can easily recognise. 

Step 8
Once you have finished deciding where to save your file and an appropriate name, click the “Finish” button to begin creating the backup.
Outlook may prompt you to add a password to your backup file for extra security.  

Please make it a password you can remember easily.


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