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Do I you run a Node.JS website?

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This article will walk you through on checking whether you run a Node.JS site or not.

Node.JS is currently only supported on our Plesk servers which will display if the site runs Node from the Panel.

Logging into Plesk

You will first need to Login to the Plesk Panel. You can do this through the control panel at General Control panel or by logging directly into the plesk server.

Using the General Control Panel
1. Log into your account at
2. Go to Services > My services
3. Click on your MS Dev plan
4. Click the button for "Login to Plesk Server"

Checking the sites

Once logged in, under the Websites & Domains tab where you have a list of the websites, check each one and see if Node.JS is shown. 

For Example:

If the top Node.js option isn't shown, your site is Not a Node.js site

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